The name pretty much says it all… Lamborghini.

9-fascinating-things-you-probably-never-knew-about-margot-robbie-524275It’s the name we have all grown up associating with wealth and power. Put Margot Robbie in the front seat and we’re still staring at aggressive lines of… Margot Robbie’s ass. Fuck she’s hot.

But still, with the introduction of the “Entry Level” Huracan Spyder, now you too can make YouTube videos “Here in your garage” provided you have adequate fuel units (and buy the book).

Lamborghini calls the Hurricane LP-610-4 an “Everyday” supercar, and they’re actually on point. Coming equipped with three different shifting modes that allow this 610 Horsepower V10 to transition from a weekend drive on the track to Monday morning’s commute on the crumbling Don Valley Parkway… Watch out while driving this thing.

You will get noticed in this car. Every day. The bold, aggressive lines of the exterior allude to the power inside. This sitenificent beast hits 100 KM/h in just 3.4 seconds and tops out at an impressive 324 KM/h.

As you would expect from Lamborghini, this convertible top Spyder includes all of life’s little luxuries. Audiophile quality sound, hand stitched leather interior, and a seat so comfortable you’ll want to buy one for the office. Also included, a bad-ass sliding cupholder for your Tall Skinny Non-Fat Mocha Latte. You need something like that to tone the testosterone on this thing down a bit.

Priced at $289,242 CAD puts the Huracan Spyder on par with most entry level supercars. Pick this up and go cruise in the Hollywood hills with Tai Lopez.






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