What comes after the widely renowned McLaren F1?

You know, the car that adorns teenagers bedroom walls and locker doors around the world? The P1, naturally.

McLaren, purveyors of the top tier of super cars has released the twin turbocharged, 3.8 litre V8, 727 HP P1, accompanied with a 176 HP electric motor that can propel this chariot 6 miles without using a drop of gas. Perfect for a quick trip for groceries or getting the kids to school… Just kidding. That extra 176hp electric engine is to Go. Fucking. Faster.


Beautifully constructed with carbon fibre monocoque, this 2 door coupe was built to impress on the track and on the street. Intake vents of seemingly jumbo jet proportions make the P1 look like it will take off at any moment. A leather and carbon adorned cabin is complimented by a touchscreen media centre, should you wish to drown out the purr of the combined 903 horsepower engine with Drakes “Views”.

McLaren’s ProActive Chassis Control system performs well, giving an accurate and responsive driving experience. If you want a little extra kick, the Drag Reduction System closes the rear spoiler for full throttle racing.

This 7 speed, 3,300 lb hunk of carbon hits 0-60 in 2.7 seconds, and retails for a modest-for-a-McLaren $1,150,000.

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