The Rolex Daytona finally got the upgrade we’ve all been waiting for.

Frankly, I was never a big fan of 2013’s iteration of the Daytona (ref 116506), the 50th anniversary edition featuring a drab chestnut brown dial with a very 90’s “Ice Blue” dial on a solid platinum band. I (and many others) have been itching to get back to something a little more simple, and at Baselworld 2016 Rolex delivered.

The 2016 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona (ref 116500LN)

The 2016 Rolex Daytona (ref 116500LN) takes us back to the 60’s, to the Daytona’s roots. The bold black and white styling is minimalist, but strong. It exudes power, not flash. It’s what the Daytona was designed to be.

Black Cerachrom dial on a stainless steel band.

I personally prefer the white dialed version – The stainless steel band is practical, adding a much needed humbleness to the Daytona line. The black Cerachrom bezel is bold and stunning, featuring a font traditionally used only on precious metal versions. It’s scratch resistant, which again adds to the practicality of making this a daily wear.

Stunning black subdials of the new Daytona.

My favourite detail? The striking black rings of the subdial. The white shining through in the middle really helps to brighten up the look of the entire dial.

Black dialed version with silver banded subdials.

Black dialed version with silver banded subdials.

The new Daytona is also available in a black dialed version, again with the black Cerachrom bezel. The silver subdial bands really help to give the watch a very “nightlife” vibe. Equally beautiful, but not quite as bold as the white dialed version.

Sitting at a mid-sized 40mm, the Daytona is based on Rolex’s tried and true 4130 calibre movement, which in this iteration they improved the accuracy slightly.

Retail price? 11,800 Swiss Francs, or at the time of writing about $15,700 Canadian. Expect to pay far above retail initially, these will be impossible to get through an AD (Rolex Authorized Dealer) unless you have a long standing relationship. And even still, I doubt it. I’d expect to pay closer to $18,000 Canadian through a grey market dealer.

That said, I’d rather have this than a Honda Civic. It’ll last longer.

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