13592613_1060499070700957_6258864109393092288_nFounded by Daniel Maloney in 2016, Danimal represents the zeal of edgy, trendy and luxury in Canadian men’s lifestyle journalism. Think GQ meets VICE.

Based in gorgeous Muskoka, Canada’s luxurious vacation destination, Danimal has a reach of over 180,000 followers on Twitter and over 7,000 Instagram followers.

Danimal is the perfect solution for open minded advertisers to reach a unique audience of young Canadian males with a penchant for design and luxury.

There are no editorial limits on what is published on Danimal. We believe in sharing the world as we see it, good or bad. Sexy or Demure. Serious or tounge-in-cheek.

Have a question or partnership pitch? E-mail us at media@danimal.ca and let’s chat.